Student Planners

What are Pupil Planners?

At Fazakerley we issue all pupils with a planner at the beginning of the academic year.   The planner is designed to help our pupils have high aspirations and personal responsibility for their learning.  The planner holds key information, such as timetable, homework, progress records, the code of conduct and our core values.

Why are they important?

It is important that pupils are responsible for their own learning.  Schools can be busy places at times; having a point of reference to help with organisation is key to our pupils fulfilling their potential.

Parent Responsibility

Every week the pupil planners should be signed by a parent/guardian of the pupil.  This will be checked with the pupils’ Progress Lead in school. This is a great way for parents to: -

  • View attendance (97% minimum expected) and punctuality
  • Check progress in lessons
  • Liaise with Staff with notes to Progress Leads or Teachers
  • See examination information

Please ask your child to show you their planner regularly.  If your child loses a planner, the cost for a new one is £2 payable via ParentPay.

What is inside a planner?


Your son / daughter can always know what lesson they have and where is is with their timetable.  They can also plan their extra currcicular activities.

Attendance and Punctuality Tracker

We have high aspiarations for punctulity and attendance at Fazakerley High School.

Parents and pupils can check the attendance and punctuality with the weekly tracker.

Progress Check

Pupil learning and pupil progress is tracked in each subject on a half termly basis.  This means pupils can reflect on their knowledge, skills and understanding and make necessary adjustments to improve their learning.  As a parent, this can give a very quick overview to your childs overall education.

The pupils track if they are on target and more imporatantly, the areas they are succeeding and the areas they can improve on in each subject.

This helps to give personalised targets to each pupil, with the aim of improving their learning.

Homework Record

Our homework section of the planners allows pupils to complete homework regularly and on time.  In addition, parents can see if homework is being completed regularly.  If there are areas that a parent believes their pupil needs to improve upon, then a note can be given in the planner requesting the specifics of that homework.  The pupils accumulative attandance is also written here as a further reminder for parents and guardians.

Values Programme

Our values programme is made of ten core strands that underpin our curriculum.  These strands help our pupils to have high aspirations and personal responsibility.  In addition to gaining knowledge, skills and understanding, we expect our pupils to leave school as tolerant citizens who will add value to our community.

Each half term pupils can reflect on the values programme and set themselves individual targets in the various sections.

At the beginning of the term, we celebrate the pupils’ success by awarding the pupils who have achieved gold, silver or bronze awards with an achievement assembly.