Special Educational Needs


Inclusion is about raising the self-esteem and attainment of all pupils, regardless of: their background, race, class, gender, or disability. Fundamentally, it is about removing the barriers to learning.

Social Exclusion occurs when individuals come from a combination of linked problems: unemployment, low income, poor skills, poor housing, high crime environments, bad health and family breakdown. This means that they are cut off from the things that most of us take for granted: qualifications, a job, a home and a safe environment. Every pupil has the right to develop their potential. Therefore, Inclusion is about opportunities and the framework to access those opportunities.

Fazakerley High School embraces the challenges of creating supportive pathways to enable all our pupils to achieve positive outcomes, both in the learning and social contexts. As a school, provision is regularly reviewed and adaptations made to adjust to particular needs. This forward approach contributes to the greater good of all pupils' learning and entitlement: effective practice and levels of communication  are deployed  to best serve the community of the school and its pupils.

Every child may experience a Special Educational Need at some point in their life: extra support with part of the curriculum, building confidence and self-esteem, a network of support in times of separation, loss. Special Educational Needs is multi-faceted. Our primary goal, as a school, is to equip our pupils with the skills, emotional and academic, to take them confidently into their adult lives.

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