Saturday 19th June 2021

International Club Trip To London

On Monday 12th November, 14 students from Fazakerley High School’s International Club took part in an educational trip to London. The first stop of the day was the Houses of Parliament, where the students took in Westminster Palace, the lobbying room and the House of Commons amongst others. Acting as fine representatives of the school and their community, the students asked intelligent questions ranging from Parliamentarian and Royalist battles to the Tudor tennis balls stuck in the roof!

After passing through St Margaret’s Church, the students’ took part in a tour of Westminster Abbey and closely examined the tombs of British royalty, in particular the Shrine to Edward the Confessor. However the highlight of everyone’s day was still to come. Having made the short trip up Whitehall, the group arrived at Downing Street. Rather than join the other tourists glancing through the security gates the Fazakerley High students were given special security clearance to enter the famous street and closely inspect the famous ‘Number 10’ door itself. After several photographs, the students then paid their respects at the Cenotaph, still decorated from Remembrance Sunday the day before, and then made their way towards Trafalgar Square and ‘The Mall’.

The final stop before returning home was outside Buckingham Palace. Although no students managed to spot Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, they universally agreed that they had had one of the most royal school days of all time.