Saturday 19th June 2021

Year 7 Health and Wellbeing Dimension Day

Dimension Days are an opportunity for pupils to expand their learning and develop their personal, learning and thinking skills. The themed days give our pupils the chance to think about and explore issues in an in-depth way.

In January, all Year 7 pupils took part in the Health and Wellbeing Dimension Day. The aim of the day was to ensure that all our Year 7 pupils are well educated in keeping themselves fit and healthy, both physically and mentally.

In the Healthy Eating session pupils learnt about why it is important to eat a balanced diet and how that can be achieved. They prepared raw vegetables to be used as a healthy snack; tasted various different dips and learnt about the ingredients and from what country the dip originated.

In the Relationships session, pupils discussed what constitutes a healthy relationship with regards to friends and family with a particular focus on respect. They were asked to prioritise the attributes of a good friend; to consider how we should treat our friends and family and to remember that we should always think carefully about what we say to others as we can never take something back once we have said it.

Puberty can be a difficult and embarrassing topic for young people to learn about; however in this session pupils were given the opportunity to learn about the changes their bodies will go through and personal hygiene issues in a comfortable and safe environment. Pupils enjoyed being able to talk openly about the issues involved in a non-judgemental way.

Expressing emotions effectively is an important part of developing as a young person. During this session pupils learnt to express their emotions through Art by producing self portraits in which they depicted different emotions they had felt in reaction to various events.

In the confidence building session Drama was used as a vehicle to enable pupils to become more confident in a group setting. The Drama games that the pupils engaged in also encouraged them to think about healthy eating so the session had double benefits.

The Fitness session gave pupils examples of physical and mental fitness and wellbeing by using famous people as examples of positive and negative role models. Pupils were asked to discuss their opinions of these people and what factors they thought may influence these peoples behaviour. Pupils measured their own lung capacity and were advised about the negative effects of smoking on health.

Pupils and staff really enjoyed the day and said that they had really learned a lot about how to stay fit and healthy, both physically and mentally.