Friday 18th June 2021

A Little Help From Our Friends!

It seems like ages ago when we first decided to start fundraising for World Challenge and thats because it was…! So far there have been 14 months of fundraising and we only have a few thousand pounds left to raise! As we write, it is only another 165 days before we go and we are very excited. Despite asking several local Liverpool businesses for sponsorship we had been unsuccessful. However, weve recently had a little help from some of the suppliers to the school.

Heatons Office Solutions, who supply our school with masses of equipment each year. agreed to donate a very generous £1000 as well as providing our challengers with some micro fleeces to keep them warm at night!

We thought that was good luck enough, but it seemed Lady Luck was shining our way as we then found out that another of our school sponsors also agreed to make us a donation: Copyrite Systems, who provide the school with our photocopiers, have donated an ipad that we are going to raffle over the next term. We hope this will help us raise even more money.

Finally, through our contacts with St. Paul's Church we applied for a grant from the Mother's Union. We were successful with this and have now received £1000 from them. The news of the grants and company donations really spurred us all on to gain the last few thousand pounds needed.

We also continue to organise our own events—we are almost part of the furniture at some Iceland stores where we bag pack every weekend.

With help from Reverend Marion Simmons at St. Paul's Church, we organ-ised a race night in February which was hugely successful with over £1000 raised and a great evening was had by all! Wed like to say a special "Thank You to all of our sponsors, but particularly to Marion who has helped us form links with St. Paul's, St George's and Emmanuel Church. We thank all of the parish for their help and kind donations and look forward to continu-ing to work with them on events in the future.

We have our training expedition coming up soon where we will camp for two days as well as plan, buy, cook and prepare all of our own meals. It will give us a taste of what life in Africa will be like when we are trekking - no running water or electricity! We can't wait for the adventure to begin!