Saturday 19th June 2021

Fazakerley Gets 'House Proud'

Fazakerley High Schools new house system has been up and running successfully now for almost six months, but what is it all about?

We have six houses, each named after a person synonymous with Liverpool. Each house supports a different charity, has its own colour, motto, flag and even a song.

The house system is a great way of encouraging friendly competition amongst our pupils whilst allowing them all to feel part of a unique community.

Each house has a form group of pupils from each year along with affiliated staff—although in the interest of fairness, Mrs Rourke remains impartial and an honorary member of all houses.

What are they famous for?

Bessie Braddock Elizabeth Margaret Braddock was born in 1899. She was a Labour politician. Her special interests included maternity, child welfare and tackling youth crime.
William Gladstone William Ewart Gladstone was born in 1809 in Liverpool and came from a wealthy family. He went to Oxford University and he became four-time prime minister of Great Britain.
Paul McCartney Paul is an English musician, singer-songwriter and composer. He supports animal rights and music education and campaigns against landmines, seal hunting, and Third World debt.
Eleanor Rathbone Eleanor Florence Rathbone was born in 1872 and became an independent MP. She worked hard fighting for women's rights so that both sexes could be treated equally.
Anne Turner Anne Turner was the founder of The Turner Home, located in Liverpool. It was built in 1884 to provide care for men whose disabilities required daily support and is still open today.
Joseph Williamson Joseph Williamson was born in 1769. He was a businessman and property owner. When lots of Liverpool men were out of work he paid them to dig and build tunnels so that they could use the money to feed and clothe their families.