Friday 18th June 2021

Anti Bullying Week

This year's national Anti-Bullying Week took place on 14th - 18th November; the emphasis in 2011 is on Cyber Bullying.

Fazakerley High School believes it is important to work not only with our own pupils but also those in our local primaries to stop bullying in all its forms. In order to ensure this, Fazakerley High School's ICT Department has been helping pupils understand what cyber bullying is and advises them on strategies for keeping safe. The department also organises cyber bullying workshops for local primary schools and the response is always so positive that we return each year!

To coincide with Anti Bullying Week, Fazakerley High School has launched a new email address. If you are being bullied, feeling a bit low, or may be troubled by something and you're not sure what to do or who to talk to, then our stopcyberbullying email address is where you can go to for help. It doesn't matter how big or small you think the problem is or whether you're being targeted on or offline; we are here to listen and support you. The email address is secure, and you can keep all your chats private but there will be someone available in the event of anything more serious.