Saturday 19th June 2021


In a session looking at the reasons for the disaster, pupils were given a court case scenario in which they were given information about the key players and organisations involved. Pupils then debated the reasons why various people or companies may have been blamed for the event. It was very interesting listening to the pupils argue the cases for and against and persuading others.

In the Drama session, pupils had to really use their imagination. In groups they thought about and acted out the professions of people on board; the rest of the class then had to try and guess what their jobs were.

In the Art session, pupils developed their group work skills. The class was split in two and each group created a montage using images of the ship, along with actual advertisements, posters and newspaper articles from that time.

The Maths session was inspired by the different styles of lifeboats on board the Titanic; pupils carried out experiments to see how much weight it would take to sink different sizes of lifeboats with different amounts of damage using plastic cartons and marbles in tanks of water.

Pupils were also asked to use their imagination regarding the types of people on the maiden voyage. They were put into first, second or third class and were given the name of a real person on board and some information about them. Then, in character, they wrote a postcard to a friend or relative. One pupil said, "It got me thinking about what it was like for that person on the ship and why they were there. It was an amazing day."

Finally, in the last session pupils painted and assembled their own Titanic models which were very cleverly designed to act as pencil holders with coloured pencils representing the four funnels. Pupils left school at the end of the day proudly carrying home their own personal versions of the Titanic.

Georgia said, "Dimension Day was fun. It was great because even though we were learning, we were having fun at the same time and we got to work with our friends." Leah said, "I enjoyed Dimension Day because we got to see the disaster from different perspectives. We got to decide what we thought the real reason behind it was. We also got the chance to build our own Titanic model and to see who was actually on board the ship."

The next Dimension Day will celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee and the 2012 Olympics.