Friday 18th June 2021

Poetry of Place

Congratulations to our two finalists in this year's Royal Liver Poetry of Place competition, Thomas and Rhianna. Bill Connolly, Royal Liver Group's Chief Executive, said: "Poetry of Place is something of which everyone at Royal Liver is very proud.

There is obviously a great wealth of talent in this city and we feel that giving pupils the chance to write about Liverpool encourages them to develop that talent, whilst improving their skills and fostering pride in their community." This is the ninth year of the competition which engages our pupils and encourages their interest in creative writing.

Thomas and Rhianna had the opportunity to attend the ceremony at the Liver Buildings where the poet Gillian Clarke presented the awards and read examples of their poetry. She really enjoyed the imagery in Tom's poem and the emotion in Rhianna's; well done to both of them!