Friday 18th June 2021

On Board the HMS Albion Royal Navy Warship

In September, Fazakerley High School received an invitation for 30 students and staff to attend an Engineering Symposium on board the HMS Albion, an 18,500 tonne Royal Navy Assault ship which visited the City of Liverpool for five days.

The pupils' visit involved various displays within the different areas of the ship, culminating in a guided tour. On the vehicle deck they had the opportunity to view a series of items, including the engines and the Action and Damage Control stances. They also experienced hands-on equipment displays which included a tank engine, landing craft and fire fighting equipment.

At each stance the guides talked about an Engineering principle and how it applied to each piece of equipment. Pupils were actively involved in all activities and were given a fantastic insight into Engineering, specifically the various Engineering roles within the Navy. All pupils found the experience very rewarding and were provided with information about different career paths that are available to them within the Navy, such as the various apprenticeships available within Engineering. Sponsorship is available for those taking A-Levels and university courses and who wish to join the Royal Navy when they finish. Pupils were given information on how to apply for apprenticeships and what the selection process involves to be awarded a sponsorship. There are more sponsorships available for potential Engineering officers than in any other branch of the Royal Navy. This gave pupils a good focus on career links for their future.