Saturday 19th June 2021

Basketball Season So Far, by Stephen Bell

Fazakerley High School's second ever basketball match was against Childwall. The game started and we were making some mistakes, mostly stepping across the line when having throw-in and conceding a few fouls. We had a team talk and then carried on. Childwall scored the first basket and then another. Half time came upon us which gave us more time to think of tactics.

We went back onto the pitch determined to improve. The opposition continued to score despite our best efforts. Then out of nowhere Fazakerley's captain, Jack, shot from close range to score our first basket of the game. Shortly after, the final whistle went to end the match. The match was played in a good spirit, as seen by our players shaking hands with Childwall and the referee at the end. Next up was Calderstones, a game that saw our performances continue to improve. At the start there were no fouls. They scored the first basket, but then our own Callum scored a 2-pointer to equalise. Calderstones fought back by scoring two more to take the lead. It was soon halftime, when we had a switch of players to give some a rest.

After the restart Jack scored which meant they were beating us by one. Then, drama! Jack was pushed over in the 'D' and Fazakerley were awarded 2 free shots. We scored one which was half a point and then the whistle was blown. This brought a very close game to an exciting end. We shook hands again and headed back to school.

FHS basketball squad: Jack (captain); Elliot; Stephen ; Jack; Jack and Callum.

Our next match will be soon and more players are needed for the most improved team in the school! Training is every Thursday from 3:10-4:10 so come get involved!