Saturday 19th June 2021

Netball Season So Far, by Keira

This season is a lot different to last because we've moved up a league, which means better teams and harder games. So far we have played five games and we have struggled at times. However, we'd rather be losing a challenging game that we put effort into than playing an easy, effortless game and winning. Even though we haven't had the best season, we are all still proud of what we have achieved: we are playing much better netball; we are better at working together and the games we are playing are really good, close games.

Our next game isn't until after Christmas, which gives us time to improve, and hopefully get better results. We are all enjoying this season and looking forward to our next game!

The team:

Goal shooter: Isabella; Goal attack: Jess; Wing Attack: Keira (captain); Centre: Erin; Wing Defence: Jasmine; Goal Defence: Alex and Goal Keeper: Amy.