Saturday 19th June 2021

Student Voice

The editorial team are very keen to involve our students in writing for Fazak News. Below are some of the best articles as featured in Fazakerley High School's very own student newspaper. If you would like to contribute an article on something which you believe strongly in or are interested in, then see Mr Brolly.

Moving from Year 7 to Year 8, by Jess and Stephanie. During the time we have spent at Fazakerley High School we have had such an amazing experience and had many opportunities. These include our discos, the School Council and the new house system. Moving into Year 8 was different from Year 7 because so much had changed over the summer holidays. Some of the things that have changed in Year 8 are the way other students treat us - we are no longer the 'little ones' and we are expected to do many other jobs, have more opportunities and have more of a responsibility to do with the school. Extra-curricular activities have also changed because we are older; there are many more things to choose from and we have started new clubs too. For example, netball has changed because we have moved into a different league and the matches against other schools are much harder. We also feel different about the new Year 7s because they look so young. We know that the new Year 7s are only a year younger than us but we can't believe that we were once that young. We find Year 8 quite different to Year 7 because we are treated differently by teachers. Also, we have to prepare for our GCSE's so our work is expected to be at a higher standard and we have to be more mature and studious. To conclude, the main reasons we find Year 8 different from Year 7 are because we are older, we are treated differently and are trusted to do many more things.