Saturday 19th June 2021

World Challenge's Future is Challenged!

So, it's less than 300 days until we travel and how are the group doing? Well, we still have over £12,000 to raise between us! It's much more than we expected and the sum caused us to have a crisis meeting with parents - we thought we might not be able to go because if one more person dropped out as a result of not being able to raise the funds, the trip would be cancelled for us all. It was a really hard time for the challengers as some of them already have the full amount of £3,495 raised. However, we tried to remember this is called World 'Challenge' and we knew we would feel the challenge so we grouped together and came up with a strategy of events.

One of our main lifelines has been from our meetings with Reverend Simmons from St Paul's church, Formosa Drive, Fazakerley, who has been working on some projects with us. We have organised various fundraising events that have benefits for the community too; these have included a bingo night, coffee and cake morning and a three course meal and entertainment at a restaurant. We are also planning a race night (venue to be confirmed) which will take place in the 3rd February, tickets £3 each.

All proceeds go to raising money for our expedition; for those of you who don't know, we are going on an expedition to Africa for 3 weeks. Here, we are trekking and experiencing local culture as well as volunteering in an orphanage doing project work. This is not a holiday, but a once in a lifetime opportunity! Wish us luck with the rest of the fundraising…!