Saturday 19th June 2021

Launch of FHS Houses

September 2011 saw the implementation of our new House System: this is another dimension to the school's reward struture which complements the existing Fazak system.

The school has six houses which are named after people who have contributed to life in Liverpool. Each house has two Heads of House who are members of staff who volunteer their time to fulfil the role. A house is made up of one form from each year group plus a selection of Sixth Form pupils.

Every day form tutors award four points to each pupil for being present, on time, wearing correct uniform and bringing at least a pen to school. Points are also awarded to pupils for excellent effort and academic achievement in class as well as for attending after school clubs and helping out at school events. Each house has its own colour, logo, song, flag, house captain, house vice captain, form representatives and a sports captain.

Each half term the house with the winning points is rewarded with a variety of privileges. For example, at the end of each half term, pupils from the winning house are treated to refreshments and a suitable film while being taken off timetable for the afternoon. At the end of each term pupils are taken off site for an activity such as bowling and at the end of the academic year, the house with the most points overall will attend a house party which will take place on the field and include a BBQ, party games and music.