Saturday 19th June 2021

The Impact of Leadership

Three years ago Mr Boardman initiated new courses to enrich Year 12 and 13 pupils experience and time in 6th form at Fazakerley High School. These courses centred around Sports Leadership in schools and the community. Pupils take leadership skills into primary schools and the community to enhance their own skill set. Mr Boardman has contacted ex-pupils to see the impact these courses made…

Matthew Hall, 21.

Currently studying BA Hons. specialising in Religious Education at Lancaster University. "If it wasn't for the coaching and teaching experiences I received whilst on the CSLA course I wouldn't be in university. Through different coaching activities and links to local primary schools given to me through the CSL and HSL courses, I made the decision to become a primary school teacher.

"This experience has also given me the confidence and skills to work for 16 weeks in a camp in New Hampshire, America."

Mike Rankin , 21.

Studying A level PE and has completed a BTEC in Sport Leadership.

This course has steered me into a career of coaching, I have just completed a level 1 in football. By working with School of Rock Outdoor Club, I have gained experience and qualifications upon which I can hopefully build a career.

David Brodie 20

David is currently at Edge Hill University studying BA PE and School Sport.

The Leadership courses gave me invaluable experience in working in the school environment, meeting different children's needs. It also showed me how support can impact peoples lives.'

Thomas Roose, 19.

Currently studying BA Hons Sports Development and Physical Education at Leeds Trinity University College

Before the courses I didn't have any experience coaching children of any age or ability. The leadership courses helped me decide to develop a career within sport and Physical Education. The experience I gained in CSL and HSL directly links to the university course I am on. When planning sessions I am confident and draw on my Fazakerley experiences.

Chantelle Williams, 21.

Recently completed a BSc Hons in Sports Science and is cur-rently applying for a Masters and PhD in Altitude.

The CSL and HSL helped me decide what I wanted to do, by giving me focus and organisa-tion skills. The experience gave me the confidence to want to work with and teach older people in sport.