Friday 18th June 2021


Tuesday 1st of March was World Maths Day, and our everinventive Maths Department celebrated in style! Pupils logged on to the popular educational site "Mathletics", which gave them the opportunity to compete with over 5 million students in 218 countries.

Mathletics points are earned by correctly answering a series of rapid-fire mental arithmetic questions, with bonus points for the winner of each four-player game. Since each round lasts 60 seconds, it was easy to spot any pupils who were in the last moments of their game by the frenzied key-tapping as they rushed to pull ahead! FHS subscribes to Mathletics, so all pupils in Key Stage 3 have their own account and login.

This means that they can also log on and play at home, allowing them to hone their arithmetic skills, ascend the leader board…and of course use the points to buy all manner of accessories for their personalised avatars! If a certain number of points are earned in a single week, the student also receives a certificate.

These are displayed in the Maths Department's computer room, and printed on different coloured paper according to their class teacher, which helps foster the competitive spirit between staff and students alike! Our excellent Maths teachers are more than comfortable using technology to enhance pupils' enjoyment of the subject, not only in dedicated ICT lessons, but through using interactive whiteboards and quiz machines in regular lessons too. Looking at the rows of excited faces in Room 17 that Tuesday, was a world away from the fusty image of the subject some staff or parents might have from their own school days – and we've a wall of fresh certificates to prove it!