Saturday 19th June 2021


On Friday 13th May, Year 10 pupils watched the production of Endz, organised and performed by Liverpool's Everyman and Playhouse and performed at Fazakerley High School's performing arts hall. Their Theatre and Community' department extends the experience, aspira-tion and challenge of theatre beyond the stage through a programme of activity that reaches out to the widest possible community.

Both shocking and uplifting, Endz was a fast paced story told by lively, real characters, about real issues and their love and passion for community and what home really means.

The piece of theatre was played by actors using the real words of young people, ex-gang members and drug dealers, police, mothers, youth workers and residents. Created from over a thousand pages of recorded inter-views, Endz took two years to research and produce.

After the matinee performance, members of the local community were invited to come and see the evening performance. It was the school's pleasure to open its doors to the local community and welcome people in. There were many familiar faces in the audience including past pupils and families. All in all, a great success!