Saturday 19th June 2021

Basketball Battle

On Saturday 30th of April the basketball team went to see the Harlem Globetrotters, at the Liverpool Echo Arena. We set off from the school at 6.15 pm; there were 12 of us including 3 teachers in the school minibus.

It took us roughly 15 minutes to drive to the arena where there was a vast crowd of people going in to see the show. We were seated in the upper section so we had a really good view of the court . The buzz around the arena grew as we got our first glimpse of the players when they came on court to warm up. Even from where we were sitting they looked very tall and imposing; the Globe Trotters wore white and red striped shorts and blue vests with Harlem' printed on them. The team they played against were The Generals' who wore green and yellow strips.

The Globetrotters all wore radio microphones so you could hear what they were saying, as this was a basketball exhibition as op-posed to a match and although both teams played to win, it was more a demonstration of skills and comedy entertainment. At one point one of the Globetrotters threw a bucket of water over the referee who then chased him into the dressing room and back on to court with a bucket , but when he threw it, it was filled with confetti!

It was a very enjoyable evening and the highlight was meeting the players and manager at the end of the match. If anyone is interested in basketball, go to the big PE hall were we practice every Thursday after school or contact Mr. Smithies (Maths Dept.)