Saturday 19th June 2021

Endz Play Review 13.5.2011 by Chloe Johnson

The play was called Endz: No Word of a Lie. This play came to my school to show young children to stay at school and be safe in their community. It told us not to get involved in gangs and not take drugs or anything. Basi-cally it told us to stay in school and get an education behind you, so that you can grow up and have a good job.

The story itself was mainly about gangs, crime, drugs, time in prison and death. My favourite scene was where Danny and Joe were in the graveyard, looking at Danny's Dad's grave. This was because it made Danny realise what he has done and that he would always want to take it back but he never can now. So he said to himself "Yes I have changed; I say, "NO," to my mates when they ask me to do something. I don't care if I get called a gimp or whatever, I don't want to end up dead...." The rest of my year liked the play because it has made think about life and now they can say, "Once I saw this play which said...." I would recommend other people to go and watch the play, espe-cially young people who are part of a gang, who don't go to school, or who take drugs.