Saturday 19th June 2021

Hooray for House Systems

So what is a House System? A House System is a great way to bond with your classmates; compete against your friends and gain points. Each House will be named after a place in Liverpool (or perhaps a person from Liv-erpool).

How does it work? Points will be rewarded for: punctuality, attendance, class and community work. Also, regu-lar inter-house competitions (netball, football, athletics etc.) will be held – another chance for you to gain more points.

What are the rewards? Once a certain amount of points are achieved, a reward will be given at the end of each term. Some of the rewards include movie afternoons; residential trips; day trips; vouchers and stationary. If anyone has any other suggestions, please speak to the School Council. How will the House teams work? In your House you will be mixed with other forms and other year groups; Head of House will be a teacher. House Captains will be Year 12's and 13's. Vice Captains will be year 7-9s. This way you will be able to mix and get to know pupils from other year groups. Everybody in each House might wear a wristband, scarf, badge, or different colour tie.