Saturday 19th June 2021

One Year In

Six Year Seven Pupils share their thoughts on their first year at Fazakerley High...

Keira. Longmoor.

My first year at Fazakerley High has been really fun and interesting. It has been good to meet lots of new people. My highlight has been getting to know everyone and finding out about them. The subject I have enjoyed the most is P.E. because the teacher is fun and she makes the lesson fun. The change between Primary and Secondary school hasn't been as hard as I thought. The first few days can be quite awkward because you are still getting to know each other and getting used to things but you get the hang of it quite quickly. Next year I am looking forward to school generally because we have such a good laugh with everyone in our year. If I had to sum up my year in one word it would be: eventful!

Ella. Barlows.

I have enjoyed all my lessons and I have also enjoyed making new friends with other people from different primary schools. I like the way you have more than one teacher and the school day goes very quickly. My highlight has been making new friends and having fun teachers. The subject I have enjoyed the most is Maths because all the Maths teachers are kind and fun and they make learning fun too. I thought Fazakerley High would be very strict but it is not how I expected it to be. I am looking forward to seeing what teachers I have next year and the option choices I have to make for Year Nine. I have more than one word to describe my first year at Fazakerley: fun, great, amazing, wonderful and fabulous!

Jasmine, Fazakerley Primary.

I cannot believe that almost a year has passed since I started Fazakerley High School! It has been a very busy year, but I have enjoyed meeting all of the teachers, making new friends and learning lots of new subjects. I have particularly enjoyed having the chance to join activities after school, such as netball, rounders and athletics.

I have lots of happy memories but my main highlight has been the opportunity to spend the weekend at the PGL sports camp with the netball squad. We were trained by the England netball team coach and played games against schools from all over the country. We also managed to try the zip wire and abseil! I want to thank Miss Smith for the great time we had.

I was really nervous about moving to Fazakerley but because the teachers are so kind, welcoming and friendly I have felt comforted and less scared.

Now that this year is almost over I am looking forward to starting Year 8 in September because I look forward to meeting new teachers and meeting children from other Form Groups. I am also looking forward to the Skiing trip in January!

To sum up my first year at Fazakerley I would say: exciting!

James. Emmaus.

I have really enjoyed my first year at Fazakerley. I started with some old friends from Emmaus but have also made lots of new friends too. Starting secondary school can be quite scary but I feel that I settled in quite quickly. My highlight has been doing the project in R.E. and winning a DVD. My favourite subject is Music. I like Music because we have some really good equipment like Apple Macs that can be made to sound like any instrument. It has been easier to settle in to school than I thought it would be. I was very nervous on the first day but everyone was feeling the same. At first we mainly stayed with mates from our old school but soon after we started to mix with the other Year 7 children. One of the things I found strange at first was having to move to different teachers for each subject, but you soon get used to that. I really like the canteen. Next year I am looking forward to meeting new friends, learning new subjects and trying more sports! To sum up my year in one word: fab!

Sophie. Rice Lane

I have enjoyed my first year very much because I have met lots of new people. The highlight from my first year is meeting new people and starting new subjects. The subject I enjoy the most is Maths. Changing from primary to secondary school wasn't as hard as I thought and I settled in a lot quicker than I thought. I am looking forward to making and cooking more things in D.T. To sum up my first year I would say: exciting!

Liam. Broad Square.

I have enjoyed my first year at Fazakerley a lot. It has been enjoy-able and the teachers are very funny. The teachers are a lot of fun…if you behave! My highlight has definitely been playing Buzz' with Mr Cubbon in Maths; the Scouse word game on Buzz' is brilliant! My favourite subject so far has to be R.E. with Mrs Silsby as she is an excellent teacher and she is also hysterical! It hasn't been as hard as I thought it would be; it was strange at first but now it is not. Next year the thing I'm looking forward to doing most is Design Tech because it's enjoyable. To sum up my first year: epic!