Saturday 19th June 2021

Castles made of… cake?

The annual castle building competition has recently taken place in the Humanities Department. History students in Year 7 have been learning about the development of castles, as well as how to attack and defend one – so what better way to learn than to make their own?

They were given a homework task which involved building an authentic medieval castle. As usual the pupils embarked on the task with vigour, meeting the excellent standards set in previous years and taking some incredibly innovative approaches. Ben Roberts made a break with tradition, creating his castle with sponge cake; it certainly tasted as good as it looked!

Mrs Rourke and Mr. Beaton had the unenviable task of deciding who the winning entries were. It was an extremely difficult task.

They chose the 3 best castles from each form group; 1st Joseph Lynam, 2nd Daniel McGrath and 3rd Jack Lloyd.