Saturday 19th June 2021

Free Webinar

Hello everyone

I hope you had a well earned rest over the bank holiday weekend.

This week I wanted to tell you about our forthcoming free webinar for parents entitled: Helping Your Child Overcome Maths Anxiety & Build Mathematical Resilience, aimed at parents of children aged 9 to 14.

My colleague, Rachel, ran this webinar where 4000+ parents showed interest in November, and the response was so positive that Rachel has updated it and is running it again! 🎉

Using both the latest research and her vast experience in this area, Rachel will explain:

  1. What maths anxiety is
  2. How to spot the signs
  3. Practical strategies to help your child cope
  4. Actionable tips on helping them build mathematical resilience

The webinar takes place on Wednesday 12th May at 8pm.

If you know parents of 9-14 years olds who would be interested, please feel free to pass on the following link to your networks.

They can reserve a place on this page

Whilst the focus will be on supporting parents, as a teacher you may also find it useful and so are more than welcome to come along as well. I’ll certainly be there taking notes!

Stay safe and thanks for reading.

Craig and the Eedi Team