Friday 18th June 2021

Pupils and Politics

MP Stephen Twigg visited Fazakerley High School on Thursday 28th April. In 1997 he became an MP for Enfield Southgate and went on to become Minister of State for Schools between 2004 and 2005. In 2010, he became MP for Liverpool West Derby and now spends his time between London and Liverpool.

He started his school tour with a visit to Mr Gallagher's Apple Mac Suite. Here pupils were using Photoshop to create a new advert for an Ipod. Mr Twigg and Mr Gallagher discovered that they had met on a previous occasion, when Mr Twigg congratulated Mr Gallagher following his completion of a three-day Apple Mac course. Mr Twigg then visited the Media Department, where he spoke to AS student Heather about the future and whether or not she had thought about going to university following the completion of her studies at Fazakerley High School. He then spoke to A2 students Michael and Luke about the music videos they were creating as part of their Media coursework. He was very impressed with their productions.

On to the Science Department, where Mr Twigg visited a Year 10 BTEC class. Here he was very interested in discussing with staff the advantages and disadvantages of splitting pupils according to their gender.

The PE department was next to impress, where pupils were using the climbing wall. Staff discussed how the community uses Fazakerley High's sports facilities and how the school links with local primary schools and secondary schools.

Finally, Mr Twigg visited a 6th form Art class where he admired work and chatted with pupils about their future university, college and career choices.

Following the tour of the school, the school council questioned Mr Twigg on various issues. He talked about the difference between education today compared to when he was a school boy, what the Labour Co-operative Party is and whether he thought he could become Prime Minister. Mr Twigg also explained to the school council why he thought the current Prime Minister is underpaid, why he thinks that cutting EMA for Sixth Form students is wrong and his big concerns over young people being reluctant to apply for university due to them being put off by the large tuition fees. Mr Twigg concluded the visit by generously offering school council members the opportunity to visit the Houses of Parliament in London in the near future.