Saturday 19th June 2021

Year 7 are a STEP Ahead!

Year 7 pupils are hard at work this term during PHSE with a focus on getting to know themselves and planning for their future.

Pupils made a good start on the completion of their STEP workbooks with their form tutors this week, Mrs Zeqaj and Miss Jones were also visiting various lessons to provide support.

The STEPs programme takes students through the various stages of career planning from age 11, right through to planning post-16 options and beyond.

The workbooks are progressive and each year pupils complete another element of the STEP programme covering a range of issues to help them to understand more about themselves, find out about careers and the world of work, and help them to plan for their future.

Pupils will continue to work through the booklets throughout the year and upon completion will receive& a certificate for their record of achievement!

Pupils can take home their booklets upon completion to share with parents / guardians.