Friday 18th June 2021

BIMA Digital Day

Fazakerley High School recently took part in the BIMA Digital Day. The Digital Day was hosted by Liverpool Based Tech and Marketing Company, Angel.

The day was designed to provide students with an insight into a world of digital careers. As part of the day, students completed a sponsored challenge and this required the groups to think about ways to solve real world problems using technology.

In the morning, digital professionals Ben & Shane introduce their world of work to the students, sharing their own career experiences and providing insight into the breadth of careers available in digital.

In the afternoon, students worked in teams with guidance from their digital professionals, to tackle one of the real world challenges – How to reduce or clear plastic waste in the Ocean.

The students in the session were deeply engaged & came up with some fantastic creative ideas and gained a better understanding of the industry as well as developing valuable work place skills including; teamwork, presentation, leadership and problem solving.

Pupils used their knowledge of IT, Engineering, Science and Maths to generate ideas and technologies. Ideas included; robotic submarines, educational apps to encourage more people to recycle, recycling bins with digital scanners offering rewards and incentives for those that recycle.

All pupils received certificates and a Liverpool City Region digital careers booklet.

Well Done year 9 Computer Science, IT and Creative Media pupils!