Saturday 19th June 2021

Big Trak

The Roamer with Attitude has arrived at Fazakerley High!

Some lucky Year 7 pupils had the chance recently to showcase their mathematical prowess and compete against each other for prizes in the Maths Department's BIGTRAK programming competition.

The tasks involved manoeuvring BIGTRAK around a series of challenging environments which contained many different obstacles and problems to overcome.

Teams competed in five 'Zones' to win points against each other: First of all was the CONE zone - almost like a motorcycle test circuit; then they tackled the bustling METROPOLIS zone; the far-out MOON LANDING zone; the wild WILDERNESS zone and the terrifying CHAOS zone!

In order to win, the teams had to use a variety of mathematical and personal skills including problem solving, measures & units, estimation, time, angles, conversion, trial & improvement and most of all - TEAMWORK.

Never before has a programmable robot captured the enthusiasm and imagination of pupils like BIG-TRAK ... The pupils had such a fantastic time programming BIGTRAK, that we plan to let BIGTRAK loose on more of our own pupils and prospective pupils from our neighbouring primary schools.