Saturday 19th June 2021

Making a House a Home

As the end of the school year approaches, our teaching body's long-distance vision kicks in and new plans form for the enrichment of our school community. Next year's big idea' is a house system, a concept that may be familiar to some from their own school days, or of course from the Harry Potter series of books and films, where house-based events are a backbone of Hogwarts' life! Houses' are essentially teams within school, each consisting of one form from each year group with an addi-tional selection of sixth formers. Keeping members of a form together will ensure that no pupils feel isolated with a completely new group of people and it is hoped will encourage a strong team spirit within forms as well as houses. Within houses, the mixed age range will provide excellent opportunities for younger pupils to make friends outside their year group, and for older pupils to develop a mature sense of responsibility for their younger housemates.

Pupils may earn points for their house through a number of things including: good attendance; positive be-haviour and attitudes in class; participation in after-schools clubs and achievement in competitions such as Sports Day and Inter-Form Sports. Competition is often, of course, an end in itself, but in this case there are some very real goals to aim for; winning houses can look forward to one afternoon of film-watching instead of lessons at the end of a half-term or an out-of school activity for the winners at the end of every full term! Worthy prizes, to be sure, but nothing compared to the party on the school field for the house that finishes the year on top!

With this exciting system in place, all that remains is finding appropriate names and heads of house for each group. Each head of house will be a teacher who volunteers to lead the house, spurring them on to further achievements by fostering team spirit and liaising with the house captain and vice-captain who will be pupils chosen from Key stages 4 and 3 respectively. There were so many staff volunteers that final decisions about who will be head of house in the first year of the system are still underway! Pupils get their say too; votes are currently being cast for house names based on famous Liverpudlians although in the name of house unity they'll be avoiding reference to Liverpool's two great football teams…!