Saturday 19th June 2021

LIPA English Trip

The students listed below took part in a workshop at LIPA to help them build up confidence and strategies when performing or presenting in front of other people. Despite the nerves of some, all students managed to perform or contribute to the day and have since used the strategies they have learnt in their end of year speeches in English. All students were a credit to the school and the facilitators were impressed by what they produced.

Special shout out to Nicola who did her speech in front of the whole class yesterday and smashed it out of the park! Very proud.

If you see any of the students please congratulate them.
Thank you.

  • Rebecca 10G
  • Grace 10R
  • Molly 10G
  • Oliva 10G
  • Courtney 10T
  • Marta 10W
  • Iga 10G
  • Callum 10T
  • Eva 10R
  • James 10 R
  • Dylan 10M
  • Nathan 10M
  • Casey 10T
  • Aiden-James 10M
  • Owen 10W
  • Sam 10B
  • Jordan 10M
  • Emily 10 R
  • Nicola 10T
  • Ellie May 10M
  • Darin 10M