Saturday 19th June 2021

An Interview With....

Mr J. Beaton, Deputy Head Teacher What do you do in your job and do you enjoy it? Like most members of staff at Fazakerley, I have a variety of roles. Amongst other things I work on attendance, behaviour and the timetable. I meet lots of parents, which is a particularly interesting part of my job. I've also started working more with our primary schools, where I meet with our local primary heads, staff and pupils - I really enjoy doing that.

The primary schools in our local area are all fantastic, forward thinking places and the staff are all working very hard with their children. And yes, I thoroughly enjoy my job. Tell us a bit about your teaching career before Fazakerley High For nine a half years after I qualified as a teacher I taught Chemistry, Science and Maths in the school which I actually attended as a pupil. This was strange but interesting as I knew all about how the school worked from the pupils' point of view and a lot of things that teachers normally don't find out.

I also worked as a teacher with people who had taught me as a pupil. It was in Glasgow, in an area quite similar to Fazakerley. After that I taught in a girls' school just outside London where I ran the Science Department. This was not as easy as it sounds. I stayed there for a year and a half before coming to Fazakerley. Why did you come to Liverpool? I had always heard so much about the city and everyone I had ever met from here was amazing. I was looking for a change and so I answered an advert. When I came to the school I met Mr Fleming and Mrs Rourke and was so amazed by their passion for the school and the place in general that I decided to move my life up here when they offered me the job. You are very passionate about Fazakerley High School. Why is that? I truly believe that Fazakerley High is the best high school in Liverpool.

We have the best pupils, parents and staff that I have ever met and worked with and the whole place gets better every year. Being part of Fazakerley High is like being part of something exciting. There is always something new to be involved in and the environment is very dynamic. Even the building looks fantastic. It is a very beautiful and stimulating atmosphere to work in. What do you think about some of the Government's plans for schools? It is an interesting time to work in schools in England. The recent government white paper encourages much more work on Modern Foreign Languages and Humanities: this can only be a good thing. We have an excellent Humanities Department and extending our humanities work, especially in Key Stage 4 makes our curriculum even more interesting than it already is. We also have an amazing MFL department.

I truly believe that learning a language and developing Modern Foreign Language skills help equip our children for today's modern world. Any final comments? I believe that it is a privilege to work in Fazakerley High and be part of the great things that are going on here. Working with such dedicated members of staff and excellent pupils make the place the fantastic school it is.