Friday 18th June 2021

FHS Press

As we reached the end of our first ever Activities’ Week, a group of pupils formed the FHS press. With press passes at the ready, they interviewed and photographed staff and students, gathering information to produce their article. Read on to discover the work of our budding journalists: Sophie, Charlotte, Nathan, Paul and Kemel.

An Amazing Week of Activities

Reported by: Sophie and Charlotte (FHS Press Year 10)

Think of Fazakerley High school as you think of Batman, and we don’t mean mysterious and bat like, but rather our ability to switch personality. Batman goes from millionaire Bruce Wayne to, well, Batman. Fazakerley goes from a school dedicated to having their students leave everyday with some new knowledge that will help them in the future to a fun fair with an unwavering commitment of having the students leave with clay under their fingernails, flour on their jeans and maybe even with a tan and some new phrases under their belt. However we don’t call this Batman week, for Fazakerley this is Activities’ Week.

First, we spoke to Mr Beaton about the origins of activities week’. He first witnessed a successful week dedicated to school trips at a school he worked in years ago, and he decided it would work just as well here. Being so dedicated to learning as much as possible and missing as little school as possible. Of course, it was risky as nothing like this has ever been done before at Fazakerley, but in his opinion, the week has been a success. He says it’s been a good time for everyone to mix and do things they wouldn’t usually do and he hopes that, next year, even more pupils will get involved.

Here is a brief overview of some of the activities:

Kingswood, Colomendy

Over the first three days of the week, students from all years travelled to Kingswood, Colomendy to partake in a variety of outdoor activities, such as canoeing, zip lining and caving. Students from Year 10 said they felt it was fun to be with friends and they ‘made memories they will never forget’.

Chester Zoo

Trips to Chester Zoo have been running all week. One particular group of year 10s talked about the different things they saw whilst there. Alicia, a pupil in year 10, claims ‘The Dinosaur area was the best, I even got showered by a dinosaur model!’ Another student, Heather, says the trip ‘Was the best part of the week,’ and everybody agreed, They felt it was good value for money and loved being with their friends.

Harry Potter World

During the week, two trips took place to London took place, were pupils had the opportunity to visit the Harry Potter Studio Tour and go shopping on Oxford Street. Megan & Michael from Year 10 said activities week as a whole was excellent as it catered for everyone, even those who couldn’t afford to go on trips.

Michael, Year 10, ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’.

‘I would have gone back the next day.’- Megan

Clay Day

In Clay Day, students had the opportunity to work individually to create personalised plaques and pots. Students Lizzie, Amy and Mia, all from year 10, said they found it was something new and different than anything they would usually do in the curriculum and would love to do it again.


In Animation, pupils could make a short video on the computer, with an image of their choice. Some pupils gave their thoughts:
Luke, Year 8: ‘You can’t limit your imagination’

Dean, Year 8: ‘It makes you think’


Also, in the media department, pupils had a rare chance to play around with Photoshop software. Pupils enjoyed how fun and different it was, as Photoshop is not in the curriculum for Y7-10 and is expensive to buy at home. All pupils said it was incredibly fun and would love to do it more.


In DT, pupils got to design and create jewellery such as bracelets and rings. Pupils said they enjoyed the relaxed environment and they had never done. We spoke to Leah, Kaitlin, Niamh and Lucy from Year 7, who spoke fondly of their day in resistant materials. They say the week was out of the ordinary, they had never done anything like it before and they would love to do something similar again.

Maths Activities

In the Maths department, there were several activities taking place. For example, outside, there was a treasure hunt. As well as this, inside, students made their own party games, including ‘Water pong’, coin slide and table tennis. Although the activity was initially ambiguous, Mr Cubbon claims the pupils were ‘conned into having fun’. Speaking on the whole week, Mrs Roberts said it has been ‘A Fabulous Experience’.


Some of the more active students, who are already part of the club, spent the day practising their cheerleading moves and doing makeup. They say it has been a fun week and the more relaxed environment has been pleasant and made the final week more enjoyable.

As you can see we’ve been busy this week, a new activity every day, and each activity different from the next, ranging from daily activities such as ‘Escape: Liverpool’, Clay Day, Chester Zoo and jewellery design; to residential activities such as the university trip, Harry Potter World and Colomendy; and even trips that are still going on: a visit to Berlin, water sports in Spain and of course a week of coasting across a canal in utter boating peace. When it comes to Activities Week Fazakerley can’t just boast its Batman status but also its diversity within activities and its ability to cater to every student’s interests, whether that be Harry Potter, baking cupcakes or simply getting oneself covered in clay and paint. Because it’s summer, and Fazakerley understand it’s time for fun -and if that is ever questioned, simply reply: “Why so serious?”