Saturday 19th June 2021

Eco Team News

As part of their mission to make the school more environmentally friendly, the Eco-Club have been researching fair trade. They clubbed together with school council to find out if we can stock more fair trade products in the school canteen.

We already use fair trade bananas and we are looking at the possibility of stocking fair trade Divine chocolate bars. Stocking fair trade products means we are supporting communities across the world. For example, buying fair trade bananas can help growers in Costa Rica get a fair price for their produce which allows them to support their families and maintain an income. As part of the research we went to Shared Earth, a fair trade shop that has been running in Liverpool for over 12 years.

They stock gifts from all over the world including Africa and Costa Rica. We sampled some delicious chocolate and talked about prices that we could use in school to sell chocolate. We also researched conservation and how we could help out with more global issues. We have also decided to adopt a coral reef in Papua New Guinea. To find out more please look on the school website under eco-club.