Saturday 19th June 2021

No Pen Day with Scouse Mouse

If we asked you to give a top ten list of the basic equipment required for everyday teaching we bet a pen would be there. The pen: an essential item in everyday classroom? Usually yes, but not on December 11th; the day Fazakerley High School did the daring and banned pens for a whole teaching day!

December 11th was our 2nd annual No Pen Day. This year was another great success where teachers and pupils adapted their usual procedures and completed their learning without writing. This year, we had our own local celebrity: Scouse Mouse!

So, who is Scouse Mouse?

Scouse Mouse helps us understand, and remember, to be 'Scouse and Proud, but remember to speak 'proper(ly!)'. We know that our 'Scouse' accent is who we are, and we never want to lose our identity, but we also understand that there is a time and a place to use our 'Scouse' vocabulary and 'Scouse' grammar. In the classroom, we try our best to demonstrate high standards of spoken English you'll hear 'SCOUSE MOUSE' if someone makes a spoken error like 'I done my homework' or 'We was going'. Scouse Mouse is our way to remember these standards, because we believe that 'If you speak like an essay, you will write like an essay!'

During No Pen Day Scouse Mouse visited classrooms to see the fantastic work that was happening:

  • Debates
  • Discussions
  • Vocabulary Practise
  • Group Reading
  • Presentations
  • Drama
  • Card sorts
  • Diamond 9
  • Dissections although Scouse Mouse was not very happy to see those!!

Here's what some of our pupils thought about the day:

  • "It was great to finally meet Scouse Mouse and I liked not using a pen!" Olivia year 11
  • "I got a selfie with Scouse Mouse" Daniel year 11
  • "It was good to have discussions in other lessons apart from English" Liam year 9
  • "I thought it was a fun day. Scouse Mouse helps us to remember our grammar" Lucy year 7

Join us next year for our 3rd No Pen Day!