Saturday 19th June 2021


Well done to our year 13 Career Academy pupils for completing their 4 week internships.

Adam enjoyed his 4-week placement with structural engineering company Arup. Adam was involved in the planning of a school water system and enjoyed seeing first-hand the work involved in a large scale Engineering project. Adam gained an understanding of computer based design programmes and enjoyed his time on site watching his planning come to life.

Thank you to all the staff at Arup Engineering.

Charlie is interested in applying to university to study Zoology so decided to spend her 4-week internship at Rice Lane City Farm. Charlie was involved in a range of activities from feeding programmes, exercising and medicating animals. Thank you to all the staff at Rice Lane Farm.

Ganna has ambitions to train as a solicitor or barrister so spent some time with the City Council Legal Services in Municipal Buildings. Ganna enjoyed observing and gaining an understanding of what duties are involved in the role and particularly enjoyed visiting the barristers chambers and various court hearings. Thanks to the city council legal team for your support.

Megan aspires to train as a veterinary nurse so opted to spend her time at Adams Veterinary Surgery, Longmoor Lane, Wavertree. Megan thoroughly enjoyed her time on placement and observed consultations, operations and treatments; this experience has inspired her to work hard to gain the grades required for this industry.

Thank you to all the staff at Adams Vets.

Leigh an engineering high-flyer has always wanted to work within the Electrical Engineering Industry so Leigh spent her 4-week internship with Scottish Power. Leigh was involved in the planning and maintenance of electric sub stations and cable systems; she regularly went out on site to observe the engineers at work. Leigh gained so much valuable knowledge and experience from the internship and looks forward to a future in this industry. Thank you to all the staff at Scottish Power, Tuebrook.

Ellis and Chantelle spent the 4 weeks with AMEY; the pupils gained a understanding of the company and were assigned real tasks to complete such as the allocation of resources or work forces in maintenance tasks across the city. They gained an understanding of asset management and works management.

Thanks to all the staff at AMEY.

Jack thoroughly enjoyed his time with the company KET based in Jaguar Landrover. Jack was involved in the programming and maintenance of the Robotics and production lines. Jack s understanding of this industry before his placement was limited but now he sees Software Programming and Mechanical Engineering as viable path for him to follow next year.

Thanks to Alex Fleming and director of KET Elliott Toomey for supporting Jack throughout and giving him this life-changing opportunity.

The staff at Fazakerley High School as well as the pupils parents are all extremely proud of the pupils achievements.

Special thanks to Astra Zenica who have supported this programme and Career Academies UK.

The Career Academy s programme provides pupils with unique opportunities to enhance their employability skills and liaise directly with industry. More information about the programme can be found here or contact the school coordinator Miss Jones on

Adam at ARUP

Chantelle at AMEY

Ellis at AMEY

Charlie at Rice Lane

Ganna at City Council Legal Services

Jack at Land Rover

Leigh at Scottish Power

Megan at Adams Vets