Friday 18th June 2021

Warbutons Visit

In March, Year 10 and 11 pupils studying the Diploma in Engineering, enjoyed a visit to the Warburtons factory in Wakefield. The factory, one of 13 that Warburtons has in the UK, is responsible for baking some of their most famous bread products. Pupils got to see how bread is made and how it is packaged ready for the shops.

The processes used are highly mechanised and the pupils were surprised to find out that the factory produces 10,000 loaves per hour. The main focus of the trip was to look at the use of ICT in manufacturing and the pupils were shown how computers are used at every stage of the bread making process, from checking and weighing ingredients; to the control of the oven temperatures; to the packaging and dispatch of the bread to shop. The trip was enjoyed by everyone and the information that the pupils learned will be very useful on their Diploma Engineering course.