Friday 18th June 2021

‘Science is Cool!’ at the University of Liverpool

Last week, Year 7 visited the University of Liverpool for the annual ‘Science is Cool!’ trip. The morning was spent walking around the enormous University campus (111 buildings to be precise), taking in the sights and enjoying the glorious sunshine.

The main highlight of the campus tour was a visit to the Sports Centre which included a 33m swimming pool, squash courts, multiple dance studios and a caf ! Other morning activities included the ‘Student Shopping Basket’, which involved pupils budgeting for their weekly food shopping (some very interesting prices for the price of bread and milk) and ‘Create your own society’ where students designed their own University societies in groups and presented their ideas to the whole group for a vote.

The presentations were excellent, with all taking part. Ideas included “The Cookie Dance Society”, “Food Club” and “Xbox Underwater Diving Club”! Lunchtime was spent sitting outside and then the pupils were treated to an exciting Science lecture involving liquid nitrogen (in a real lecture theatre), in the afternoon.

Much to the disappointment of some, the lecturer did not destroy his hand in the liquid nitrogen; however pupil volunteers amazed the audience as they smashed rubber tubing and flowers to smithereens, as we explored the properties of solids, liquids and gases. Overall, a brilliant day with some aspirational pupil comments about their future thoughts on University.

Miss Wraith

I enjoyed the day and would go again.

Student, Fazakerley High School

It was interesting and fun.

Student, Fazakerley High School

I thought it was fantastic and really interesting.

Student, Fazakerley High School

I now have my heart set on University.

Student, Fazakerley High School