Friday 18th June 2021

Good Luck and Goodbye to Year 11

The time has come to say a heartfelt goodbye and good luck to our current Year 11. Many of the pupils plan to return to the Sixth Form in September, whilst others are starting new adventures at college or on apprenticeships. We wish them every success in their GCSE exams and look forward to celebrating the last five years at the Prom in June.

Below a number of Year 11s have reflected on their last five years at Fazakerley:

Fazakerley has been a great experience, I've made lots of friends and learnt so much. The teachers are very supportive and have got me to where I am today.

Jake, Student, Fazakerley High School

I'm looking forward to College. Life in school went so quick, it seems like only yesterday we were in Year 7. It's been such a good experience.

Liam, Student, Fazakerley High School

Our time at Fazakerley has gone both fast and slow. It has given us good memories that we will never forget- and that is why we're coming back.

Hannah and Georgia, Students, Fazakerley High School

It has been eventful, stressful and fun, but overall brilliant. The past five years have taught us a lot, and we are looking forward to coming back in September.

Tom and Callan, Students, Fazakerley High School

When you entered a lesson you didn't just learn a pointless fact or information, you learnt about yourself and others. You began to evolve into an individual; who was ready to face the real world.

Casey, Student, Fazakerley High School

It feels like just yesterday we were in Fazakerley High School for the first time, and now it is the end. We remember walking in the big doors and feeling terrified at the thought of getting lost in the school, trying to find our way to lessons. But now as we reach the end of year 11, the school feels so small that it would be impossible to lose yourself in. We came into the school as shy, unconfident and quiet girls and now we leave as loud, confident, bright and mature young adults! This school has changed our lives for the better and helped us grow into the people we are today. We couldn’t think of a better school to be in and we will never regret the day we wrote down ‘Fazakerley High School’ as our first choice on our high school forms.

We have met so many great people throughout our school years and have made friends for life! The help given to us throughout the years (both from the pupils and the teachers) when we needed it most has been outstanding, there was always somebody there to help us through the times we were finding tough. We don’t know how to thank this school enough for all of the fantastic opportunities and paths it has opened up for us.

Louise and Chelsey, Students, Fazakerley High School