Saturday 19th June 2021

No Pen Day!

If we asked you to give a top ten list of the basic equipment required for everyday teaching we bet a pen would be there. The pen: an essential item in everyday classroom? Usually yes, but not on December 10th; the day Fazakerley High School did the daring and banned pens for a whole teaching day!

No pens? You might ask. How can pupils work? How can they learn? Well, our No Pen Day demonstrated the power of speech and discussion at developing pupil understanding. No Pen Day was a challenge to our staff as we planned lessons ‘outside the box’ - no computers in ICT, debates in PE and drama in Science! We re-thought our teaching styles to extend and develop opportunities for communication, debating and self-expression.

Here's what the pupils thought

No Pen Day is interesting and it brings out people's true thoughts.

James, Fazakerley High School Student (Year 7)

No pen Day is good because it's seeing our other skills and speaking.

Thomas, Fazakerley High School Student (Year 7)

It's given shy people a chance to speak and I want it to be like that every day.

Rachel, Fazakerley High School Student (Year 7)

I didn't like it much because I like writing.

Emma, Fazakerley High School Student (Year 7)

It was quite fun because we revised but in a fun way.

Connor, Fazakerley High School Student (Year 9)

Here's what the teachers thought:

It was a challenge to make lessons meaningful and ensure learning took place but pupils responded really well and enjoyed the day, I'll definitely be re-using some of the ideas in pen lessons.

Miss Mathews, English

What a great time we had in the ICT department on 'No pen day' although we don't use pens as much as other subjects we did take on the challenge by not using computers.
We had so much fun were the comments from many Pupils' as they left the classroom and for us teachers it was really nice to talk to pupil's faces and not the back of their heads.
I felt the day was a huge learning curve for me, as we communicated and listened to each throughout the lesson. We used Group work, questions and answers and showing traffic lights to assess.
I learnt that Year 11 SEN pupils had more knowledge and understanding of the impact that ICT has on society (exam question) than their recent mock exam results show. This will allow me to address this and support pupils needs.

Mrs Kirwin, ICT