Saturday 19th June 2021

Maths Challenge

We are delighted to announce that students from Fazakerley High School achieved prestigious certificates in this year's UK Mathematics Trust Junior Maths Challenge. The trust aims to advance the education of children and young people in Mathematics by organising national Mathematics competitions and other Maths enrichment activities for UK secondary school students in Years 7 and 8. Over 240,000 students from across the UK sat the Junior Maths Challenge; FHS students did splendidly; 5 students received Bronze certificates (Year 7: Lewis, Anna, Georgia. Year 8: Dominic, Abbie); 4 received silver (Year 7: Sophie, Audric; Year 8: Liam, Abbie). 2 students achieved Best in Year certificates (Year 7: Audric; Year 8: Abbie) and one student, Audric of Year 7 was named Best in School. Congratulations to you all!

Mr Smithies