Saturday 19th June 2021

Year 8 Chinese New Year Dimension Day

In February all year 8 pupils took part in the Chinese New Year Dimension Day. The aim of the day was to extend pupils' knowledge of Chinese culture. The pupils rotated around six different workshops throughout the day. In the Oriental Food session pupils learned about how to plan a balanced diet and how that can be achieved through creating easy to cook stir fry dishes using fresh ingredients; they were given the opportunity to join in using the wok and taste the dishes prepared by an expert chef from Chartwell's. In Art, pupils were challenged to be as creative as possible in order to design their own Beijing opera mask.

The designs were stunning. Chinese lion and dragon dancing is an essential element of Chinese New Year; therefore it was imperative for our pupils to experience it. Mystic Monkey Chinese Education, the company which also provide Fazakerley High School's Mandarin Chinese Language lessons delivered the session, which was very interactive and physical. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed dressing up in the costumes and recreating the traditional dances seen performed at Chinese New Year celebrations around the world. The DT department ran a Chinese kite making project; every pupil made a kite to take home featuring their own design to celebrate 2013, the year of the snake.

It is truly amazing that a working kite can be made in a fifty minute session! Using the school's state of the art Apple Mac Media suite, pupils designed posters and bookmarks to commemorate the year of the snake. The talented pupils used the computers to manipulate images into their own designs while learning about the significance of the snake in the Chinese zodiac. Chinese calligraphy is a key element of Chinese culture and our pupils relished the opportunity to have a go at Chinese brush painting.

Our expert Chinese calligrapher showed pupils how to construct Chinese characters using traditional methods. It was fantastic to see the high quality work that the pupils produced. Pupils really enjoyed the day. Elise said "The session I enjoyed most was the Chinese Calligraphy because I enjoy being creative. The lady teaching us said that I was very good at using the Chinese paintbrush and my work was used as part of the Dimension day display afterwards." Lewis said "I really enjoyed the food session because I learned how to cook noodles which I didn't know before. I also learned more about which foods are healthy.

I would maybe like to be a chef when I am older so having the chance to speak to a professional chef gave me some career ideas."