Saturday 19th June 2021

Dining Experience

As part of our series 'Meet the FHS Family', we decided to visit one very important area of the school: the Dining Room! Run by outside catering company, Chartwell Compass, the dining room is probably one of the favourite 'departments' in the school! Led by Sue, the team of catering assistants ( Kim, Cathy, Lynn, Sheila, Julie, Debbie, Jeanette and Doreen) have all been at the school for 8-15 years and so know the students and staff very well.

The emphasis in the well-equipped kitchen is healthy eating and Sue was at pains to point out that they only use fresh produce bought in every day and all the food is prepared and cooked on the premises.

The school has a breakfast club that opens every morning at 8 where students can buy cereal and bacon or cheese on toast. At break there is a variety of food on offer including pizza, hash browns, bagels and the occasional crumpet! Lunch time is always busy with a wide selection of food on offer from salads and butties to a satisfying hot meal; favourites tend to be Wednesday Roast and Fish and chips Friday! Fruit is always available. The catering staff praised the students for their good behaviour and good manners; they think students over the last few years have been particularly polite.

Thank you , ladies!