Saturday 19th June 2021

Green Fingers

As part of their ASDAN PSD course, 5 year 10 pupils from Mr. Robertson's class have been helping Mrs. Riding in the garden.

Participating in an activity that benefits the environment is one of the challenges that they must complete in order to gain credits that will help them pass the course. Mrs. Riding has done a fantastic job of keeping the garden well maintained and tidy and she very much appreciates the help that the 5 pupils offer on a Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon.

Pupils have mixed responsibilities from weeding and watering to planting new crops and turning over soil. The pupils really enjoy the time we are spending out in the garden and have shown that they have benefitted from being given responsibilities that they may not normally get in the school environment.

Hopefully, in the next few months we will have a nice fresh selection of potatoes, beetroot, radishes, peas, onions and leeks! A special mention must be given to Shane, Callum, Ryan, Connor and Robert for seizing the opportunity to contribute to the environment in a positive way and showing that learning does not always have to take place inside the classroom!

We hope that future year groups will be able to continue the great work these year 10 pupils have started and that the Fazakerley High School Garden continues to grow!

Mr Robertson