Saturday 19th June 2021

Colormatrix Visit

The latest industry visit for the Career Academies students was to the Colormatrix plant in Knowsley. Tucked away on Knowsley s Industrial Estate is Colormatrix s European main office and production plant. Colormatrix is a company that designs and produces colours and additives that are used to create plastic products. They have facilities throughout North and Latin America, Europe and Asia and the company turns over in excess of $200million a year.

After an informative health and safety briefing, pupils learnt about the history of the company, the products they produce, why the company has been so successful and the different career opportunities available.

Students then went on a tour of the plant learning how different products are produced using different amounts of coloured pigments and various vehicles to create the product such as rape seed oil.

The plant tour was particularly informative as students got to see the product transform from a collection of raw materials to the final product packaged and waiting to leave the plant via HGV.
The school would like to thank the staff at Colormatrix for their time and efforts and in particular Galina Hanner for organising and facilitating the day.

Further information about Colormatrix can be found by clicking on the link below.