Saturday 19th June 2021

Glee Club Review by Faye Statham, Year 8

Glee Club is an after-school club which is on Thursdays. The Club is led by Mr. Peckham and it consists of a number of girls and boys from various years and we all go there for one reason: to sing! There are loads of perks for getting involved with anything to do with Performing Arts, for example you get to see shows like Flawless. The dance club and the Glee club went to see this famous dance group Flawless on the 7th of February at the Empire Theatre and it was AMAZING! When we got to Empire Theatre in town, we all got given a pair of white gloves at the door. The group did some great dances with a light show and a screen above them. In the middle of the show, we were told to put on the gloves and copy the moves on the screen and the lights turned our gloves blue! Then we were all on the screen and we all waved like mad! It was a brilliant night. There are going to be more trips throughout the year. In Glee Club we sing a number of songs like "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey, "Shine" by Take That and loads more! I think the best one we have done is "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey. In the Christmas show, Glee Club sang "Pick a Pocket or Two" from Oliver. I'm glad I joined Glee club. I'm really enjoying it and it's loads of fun!

Basketball: Fazakerley High vs Archbishop Beck. by Owen, Year 8 It was Thursday 3rd Feb: Fazakerley High's first official match against Archbishop Beck. The match started with Archbishop Beck winning the tip off and minutes later it was 2-0 to the opposition; not a good start for us! They kept getting two points and then the whistle went. The teams had a team talk and then the game was back into action! Archbishop Beck scored again. Next we had a chance – it bounced out of the ring-so close and so unlucky. We did it again, only this time even closer. Then Fazakerley's captain, Jack, got a hoop – what a shot it was, outside of the key! It couldn't get any better than that! As the game was coming to an end, the captain did it again from the same position but unfortunately it was still not enough. When the whistle sounded for full time, the game ended 4-45. Well done to all of those who took part, even if we did lose! The squad was: Jack, Jordan, Adam, Stephen, Emilia, Owen, Callum, Callum. The Fazakerley Basketball team train with our coach Mr Smithies on Thursdays in the gym, 3pm-4:30pm

Should girls and boys do P.E. together? A girl's Perspective by Rebecca, Year 9 Lately, my classmates in PE have been complaining about doing PE with the boys. This only really comes up depending on what we are doing in PE which brings me to question how everyone feels about this and if it is necessary to bring it to the school's attention. Of course every debate has two sides. The girls in my year don't like doing certain areas of PE, such as gymnastics with the boys because of certain issues:

  • We tend to be concerned about our image, like when we do handstands and forget to tuck our shirts in; I think everyone gets what I mean. We don't like the idea of the boys seeing that. We girls can be easily embarrassed by our bodies which means we won't do the lesson with much enthusiasm.
  • Some boys tend to be faster than us because of the amount of football they play so we can be easily outmatched.
  • Some boys like to wind up some of us which can lead to arguments, fights and hence disrupt the lesson; something any teacher hates.

They smell terrible! Girls with older brothers know what I mean. Like I said, there are two sides to any debate, and to stay unbiased, it is necessary to consider why both genders should do P.E together:

  • To demonstrate that sexual equality exists in the school.
  • It keeps the competition going and adds to it.
  • It builds up friendships.
  • The boys don't really mind doing PE with us. And it adds to the enjoyment of the lesson. One of the ideas my friends passed by me was that in some PE subjects boys and girls should be kept separate, e.g. Gymnastics, while a subjects like rock climbing is okay for both genders to do together. Which idea do you think is the best?
  • Boys and girls continue doing PE together?
  • Boys and girls don't do PE together?
  • Or they sometimes do PE together? Please E-mail your opinion to Rwithers on fazak email. The opinion results will be shown in the next newsletter, along with another debate. please state which form you are in.