Saturday 19th June 2021

Getrag Ford Visit

Our Career Academies students’ latest industrial visit was to Getrag Ford in Halewood. GETRAG and was founded in Cologne in 2001. The Halewood plant manufactures transmissions (gearboxes) for various Ford models.

Alan Seeley, Head of Human Resources delivered an exciting and interesting talk to students and staff as they made their way through the large plant. Students had the opportunity to watch the individual gears being manufactured, learn about what is done with the excess waste (it is sold) and listened to how jobs based in plants and factories have changed over time.

Students ended their tour with a visit to the plant’s gym, sauna, steam room, music room, massage room and residential nurse....all great perks of the job!

Fazakerley High School would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Alan Seeley for his hospitality on the day and the school looks forward to developing further links with Getrag in the future.