Saturday 19th June 2021

Looking at London

The International Club is another of our very successful and popular after-school clubs. Run by Mr Brolly and Mr Smithies, the club enjoys studying other countries, politics and cultures and meetings are often lively affairs!

As well as looking abroad, the club thinks it is important to understand our own British culture and heritage, so members recently went to London to look at iconic places that everyone associates with the capital. Accompanied by Mr Brolly, Mr Smithies and Miss Melitsiosis, the group travelled down in the school minibus.

One of those who went, Demi from Year 8, told us that it was an excellent trip and that the group learned a lot. Places visited included the Houses of Parliament, the Cenotaph, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace and 10 Downing Street; the group also experienced the ’joys’ of the London Underground! Students took the opportunity to have photos taken at each famous and historic site.

When they returned to school, members of the group were invited to Tea and Biscuits with Head teacher, Mrs Rourke, who was regaled with tales of the extremely successful visit. There is so much to see in London and many of the group are keen to visit again!