Friday 18th June 2021

Engineers Explore Tunnel

In January, Year 10 pupils from Alsop High and Archbishop Beck High School pupils who study the Level 2 Diploma in Engineering course here at Fazakerley High School went on a tour of the Queensway Road Tunnel in Liverpool. The pupils were told about the history of the Queensway Tunnel and about how it was built in the 1920s using just pick axes and dynamite!

The tunnel was the first of its kind and was the longest underwater road tunnel in the world for 34 years! The pupils then went on a tour of the tunnel ventilation tower and were shown how the air is kept clean inside the tunnel using massive fans even though hundreds of cars pass through it every hour. Inside the ventilation tower there is the main tunnel control room and the pupils got to go inside and see how engineers keep a check on everything that goes on in the tunnel, 24 hours a day. Finally, the pupils got to walk underneath the road in the tunnel and see the way that clean air is fed into the tunnel and where people can escape to if they were trapped in the tunnel if there was an accident or fire. All the pupils agreed that they had enjoyed the trip and were surprised to find out that the Queensway Tunnel was such an engineering marvel.

The editorial team at FAZAK NEWS are very keen to involve our students in some of the writing for the school newsletter. So, we'd like to introduce a new feature that will appear in every issue from now on. Every issue, students will be asked for their contributions and can write about anything they like. Obviously the editorial team will choose material appropriate for the newsletter. If YOU think YOU might like to contribute then please see Mr. Brolly of the English department for details.