Friday 18th June 2021

Ria Remembers

The trip was truly amazing. We saw some extraordinary things and were given an experience we will never, ever forget. During the trip we took part in an Elephant Safari, Jeep Safari, visited Victoria Falls and spent time working with the children and the communities of Zambia and Malawi learning how to adapt to their way of living. This was an eye-opening experience for every one of us and we learnt some amazing things that will stay with us for a life-time.

My favourite part was definitely working with the children and the Semani family where we built walls that we then painted a design on; fixed fences; did some gardening and cleaned the place up. We did everything we possibly could to make their school a better place for the children and the people of Senga Bay were so happy with what we did for them. It was a very humbling experience for us. Everybody we met made us feel so welcome and we hope to visit again one day soon. The trip was amazing and was worth all the hard work we did to get there.