Saturday 19th June 2021

World Challenge - Exciting Future Expeditions

Following the success of the 2012 expedition to Zambia and Malawi (see our extensive report on page 8) there are two new trips in the pipeline for FHS Students. Expedition leader and organiser, Mr Carr is planning to take a group to Morocco in 2013 for a short trip and then another group to Kenya in 2014 for a longer and more gruelling expedition. This time, he hopes to take more students on each trip and already there has been enthusiastic response from our pupils. Some have already started fund raising because, don’t forget, the students have to fund raise the cost of the expeditions which run into several thousand pounds each.

Once again, Mr Carr will be team leader and he is delighted that several other members of staff have signed up to take part in what students who went last year described as a wonderful, life-changing experience.